[MPlayer-users] Seperate audio output...

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Tue Mar 8 01:30:07 CET 2005

Hello all - new to this list.

I have a problem I'm working on I'm hoping someone can help with.

I have a Delta 1010 here on a gentoo box, 2.4 kernel, running

my goal is this:  I need to be able to open multiple instances of mplayer
(playing .mpgs) and have each instance send to a) a different audio channel
on the 1010 and b) a different video card/monitor (there are three in the

i'm ignoring the video right now

I figure I have two options:

1 - use jack
2 - don't use jack ;) and directly have mplayer only output to one alsa pcm

in the case of number 1, I'm able to do it quite smoothly, with audio only
files (mp3s).  but when I try playing the .mpg, it plays with black video
and proper audio for a few seconds, then gives an error message "too many
video packets in the buffer", audio cuts out and video picks up (from the
beginning of the reel)

in the case of number 2 I don't even know if it's possible, much less
understand how

for case number one (jack) I've tried pretty much all the different video
outputs with the -vo tag and video codecs with the -vc tag and some audio
codecs with the -ac tag and they all give the same results (unless they're
just broken completely)

I've read in the archives of this list a lot describing that same buffers
error and symptom playing and encoding dvds, but they never mention jack and
I have yet to find any solution that made a difference (eg: I tried echo >
/proc/dev/sys/rtc/max-users-freq --> I may have got that wrong in this
email, had it right in testing)

the video plays back beautifully using -ao alsa instead of jack but how to
route the audio I have no clue

I can't think of what else to add...

thanks in advance! :)

Aaron Trumm

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