[MPlayer-users] crop, scale, expand, audio resample (basicley making DVD PAL combatible)

Heine Laursen maillist at gozar.dynu.com
Sun Mar 6 21:40:01 CET 2005

Nico Sabbi wrote:
> it's true, whoever said that 704x480 is PAL compatible?

I'm not interley sure, but it could be somthing I have maid up in my mind.

>> * The video bitrate 104857 kbps is to high for a standard DVD
>> for standart DVD the maximum video bitrate is 9.8 MBps ( 9800 kbps)
>> Non Critical error!
>> * The video GOP is too long
>> DVD-video standarts requries the GOP structure as below
>> 36 fiels (18 frames) (NTSC system)
>> 30 fiels (15 frames) (PAL system)
>> If you are using the XDVD format you can ignore this message
>> Non Critical error!
> you can ignore these errors, but you can remove the origin of
> the problem setting :vrc_maxrate, :vbitrate and :keyint in -lavcopts

Good thing to know.

Many thanks for your help again.

Heine Laursen

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