[MPlayer-users] help wanted: using mencoder to make NTSC DVD from transport stream

Ville Saari 113762 at vs.iki.fi
Sun Mar 6 21:32:17 CET 2005

On Sun, Mar 06, 2005 at 12:25:18PM -0500, D Richard Felker III wrote:

> > However the x16 vertical size has the advantage of aligning the
> > edges of the black bars with the luma blocks improving the compression
> > efficiency. x32 would be even better because then the also the chroma
> > would align.
> No, x16 already aligns the chroma. No need for 32, ever.

No it doesn't, because the expansion consists of two black bars,
which need to be x16 each.

For example if you scale=720:368,expand=720:480 then the black bars will
be (480-368)/2 = 56 pixels each. Not divisible by 16 although 368 is.


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