[MPlayer-users] rtsp stream doesnt play from quicktime mov live.com

Bob Davis bob at bobsbits.net
Sun Mar 6 14:47:10 CET 2005

Bob Davis wrote:

> So I dont understand that much about streams
> but it is:
> rtsp
> mov container
> live.com something

> mplayer -v -console rtsp://

I found the problem:
I needed to use the rtsp-stream-over-tcp option. I assume there was a 
problem with my firewall that converting from udp to tcp somehow fixed. 
I havent investigated why this is true yet.

The following works and records the stream.

mplayer -vo null -ao pcm:file=wcni.wav -rtsp-stream-over-tcp 

The following perl script on windows2k/xp cygwin perl does the time 
record that I wanted:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

my $len = $ARGV[0];
open MP, "|mplayer -slave -vo null -ao pcm:file=wcni.wav 
-rtsp-stream-over-tcp rtsp://";
sleep $len;
print MP "quit\n";
system "lame wcni.wav wcni.mp3";
unlink "wcni.wav";

I also use cron and crontab from cygwin and have a mini tivo system.


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