[MPlayer-users] Problem converting WMV to MPG

Vasilis Vlachoudis Vasilis.Vlachoudis at cern.ch
Sat Mar 5 10:48:25 CET 2005

I have a problem encoding the WMV files to MPG.

I am trying to make a slide show DVD, and I am using as editing software
the Windows Movie Maker. From the MSWMM I can only save to WMV (High
quality PAL format).    (DV-AVI is not recognized by mplayer?)

My problem is, when I try to convert  the WMV to mpeg2video (or output
to stream.yuv) I get only ONE frame out of the 5sec*25fps = 125 frames
per photo, while the transitions between the photos where the frames are
changing are coming out.

I am using the commands:
    mencoder -o egg.mpg -of mpeg -ovc lavc -oac lavc -ofps 25 -lavcopts
vcodec=mpeg2video spam.wm
    mplayer -vo yuv4mpeg -nosound spam.wmv

Other problems not so important:
1.   With the mencoder command I get plenty of messages like
        Unknown block type, possibly non-MPEG stream
2.   If I don't specify the -ofps 25 then I get 1000 fps/s

BTW I can view normally the WMV videos with the mplayer, and also I can
convert them nicely to divx (specifying the -ofps 25).

Best Regards

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