[MPlayer-users] escaping symbols in rtsp URLs

marlon at freemail.gr marlon at freemail.gr
Thu Mar 3 20:18:20 CET 2005


Let's have an rtsp stream: rtsp://nice.site.com/file

The stream requires username and password so the cmd line

mplayer rtsp://username:password@nice.site.com/file

Now if the password includes the "@" symbol ("pass at word")
the cmd line becomes:

mplayer rtsp://username:pass@word@nice.site.com/file

Bue that causes error due to the fact that the password is parsed
as "pass" and not "pass at word". Apart from that, there is a "could
not resolve" error as the "nice.site.com" is mislooked as
"word at nice.site.com".

I have tried escaping the first "@" with "%40" or "\@" but I didn't
have luck.

Is there any way I can access the stream via mplayer?

Thanks in advance.

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