[MPlayer-users] webcam codecs

Robert Huitl mplayer-users at huitl.de
Wed Mar 2 20:42:00 CET 2005

Hi James,

On Wednesday 02 March 2005 20:28, jklaas wrote:
> Is there documentation on how to incorporate windows codecs in?  It is
> not apparent to me where I would look in the code to get this to happen.
> If you would be willing to point me towards the area of the code to
> look, I'll see what I can come up with.

What exactly do you want to do? To me it sounds as if you want mplayer to 
access the hardware directly. I think this is the wrong approach, since you 
have webcam support in Video4Linux and DirectX/DirectShow on the Windows 

So, if you would like to use a windows driver for a webcam on Linux, you would 
either need to reverse-engineer the protocol, or use something like 
NDISWrapper/DriverLoader/Captive to use windows device drivers. In both 
cases, you would write a driver for Video4Linux, which mplayer (or any other 
application) can access.

I'm not sure if there's Video4Linux support in mplayer, though.

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