[MPlayer-users] Laptop, Projector and ATI Radeon

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Wed Mar 2 19:14:56 CET 2005

py wrote:

>I've just done a presentation and wanted to show a movie. So I launched
>mplayer but the movie just appeared on the screen of the laptop. I still
>cannot understand why...
>Where did I lose my stream?
Some laptops do hardware auto-detection.  So, on my Toshiba, if I want 
to show something on both the laptop screen and on the VGA out, I have 
to boot the laptop with *nothing* connected to the VGA port...  Then the 
bios will let me switch.

On another portable computer, if there is nothing connected to the VGA 
port during boot, it will switch over to the TV out.  Otherwise, there 
is *no way* to get anything out of the TV port...

Also, the TV out is not accelerated, and limited to 800x600. If your 
resolution is 1024x768, nothing will show on the TVout at all, and if 
you're using an accelerated driver, then nothing appears either.


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