[MPlayer-users] webcam codecs

jklaas jklaas at comcast.net
Wed Mar 2 19:11:06 CET 2005

I did a search in the mailing list archives for this and I was unable to
find any information on this particular topic.  I apologize if this has
been discussed before.

I'm curious to know a couple things.
First, how difficult is it to incorporate new Windows codecs into mplayer?

In looking at many windows webcams, it seems to me that the majority
of webcams have a USB driver that talks to the webcam and transfers
some sort of encrypted/compresed frame to a codec provided with the
driver.  Since it doesn't seem to be too difficult to reverse engineer
the USB part of the driver to determine how to retrieve bulk transfers
from the camera, how difficult would it be to incorporate the codec
provided into mplayer to make the stream viewable in mplayer?

Or is this so totally unfeasable as to not even try?

			James Klaas

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