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Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Sun Jun 5 04:38:01 CEST 2005

On Jun 4, 2005, at 21.08, alvin.mpeg at ns.linux-1u.net wrote:

> hi ya mpeg'erz
We preferred to be called MPlayer-users or MPlayer enthusiasts ;)
> slightly offtopic..
> - i know mplayer can play the dvd .. but..
>   what is the best or easiest way to create an mpeg out
>   of the movie trailors included on the DVD we bought
Well, not hard. Just figure out what title and chapter the trailers  
you want to rip are on. That can be done with most DVD playing  
applications, especially those with Menu support (which MPlayer sadly  
does not have)
>     - i'm hoping memencode or something with some options
>     will create the mpeg1 or mpeg4 (my preferred format)
Not a problem
mencoder dvd://(title here) -chapter (start chapter)-(end chapter. If  
just one chapter, same numbers) -ovc lavc -lavcopts  
vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=(bitrate here)

That'll be MPEG-4 in an AVI container. If you want them in an MPEG-1  
container, you'll have to read the documentation, I'm not too up on  
that one. If you want MPEG-4 in an MPEG-4 container, though, look  
into the ffmpeg code, I think they have that in their own code.

Now, another option is to use MPEG-2. There should be a way to just  
dump the MPEG-2 code from that chapter/title without having to even  
transcode it, I think. Again, you'll have to check the documentation  
on that one.
> - is it leagal to play the movie trailers in the lobby/elevators,
>   since those promotional material was intended for people to
>   see and go out and watch the movie or buy or rent the dvd
I'm not totally sure here. Technically, the trailer is copyrighted  
content. You would have to check on the licensing.
> - and nope, i buy all my dvds
No one ever said otherwise.
> c ya
> alvin
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