[MPlayer-users] different audio/video length using mencoder

Thorben Kröger thorbenk at gmx.net
Sun Jan 30 21:04:33 CET 2005

Just in case you were wondering (I was) if this shows up with -ss instead of 

It does!

mencoder dvd://1 -audio-preload 0.0 -mc 0 -noskip -ss 00:30:00 -endpos 20 -ovc 
lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=1:vbitrate=1800 -oac mp3lame -lameopts br=192 
-vf scale -zoom -xy 720 -o ss.avi

Video stream: 1877.352 kbit/s  (234668 bps)  size: 4693379 bytes  20.000 secs  
500 frames
Audio stream:  221.500 kbit/s  (27687 bps)  size: 552864 bytes  19.968 secs

How come?

Any ideas how I could fix such files?

I guess one could seperate the audio from the video, append 0.002 secs and 
then merge them together again? Is there a program which outputs the 
audio/video track length for easier processing in a script?


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