[MPlayer-users] XV display too wide

Preston A. Elder prez at goth.net
Sun Jan 30 05:24:18 CET 2005

> Ok, then you hit the rare case, where MPlayer acts too intelligent
> for you. 
> MPlayer assumes, that all screens are 4:3, because a lot of people
> were setting their X resolution to something non-4:3 to get more
> out of their limited monitor space, thus using non-square pixels. 
> Though, you are now in a situation where you actualy have 
> square pixels, but not a 4:3 resolution, which leads MPlayer to
> the assumption that it has to rescale. As Reimar said, you
> should use -monitoraspect to correct this.
> Why xawtv works is also clear: it always assumes square pixels.

Well, the best I could do with monitoraspect was 3:1 - since it does not
allow an aspect that that resolves to < 3.0.  This is still too wide
(and thin), and anything that works out to a larger fraction just gets
wider and wider.

The best solution I've found so far has been to use -screenw 1280 -
though this is kind of a hack.  It also means that when I full screen,
it is full screened on my left monitor only.

While I don't mind having stuff full screened on one monitor (in fact, I
prefer it), I am wondering if there is a way to make it full screen it
on my second or third monitor, not the first.

PreZ :)

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