[MPlayer-users] Re: CVS Mplayer compiling problem

Reimar Döffinger uvhe at rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Fri Jan 28 11:30:39 CET 2005

On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 12:16:16AM +0100, Bartosz Sokolowski wrote:
> Attached file (uio_test.c) compiled without any problems. gcc -Wall
> uio_test.c gave me beautiful a.out file ;)

Replace that uio/sys.h step by step by the ones mentioned here:
> In file included from /usr/include/sys/socket.h:27,
>                  from /usr/include/netinet/in.h:24,
>                  from /usr/include/netdb.h:28,
>                  from ../libmpdemux/network.h:16,
>                  from ../libmpdemux/stream.h:51,
>                  from ../Gui/interface.h:12,

And see if it still works (i.e. sys/socket.h netinet/in.h netdb.h).

Reimar Döffinger

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