[MPlayer-users] bug: subtitles incorrectly displayed with movie coded with matroska codec

Savchenko Andrew Bircoph at list.ru
Wed Jan 26 20:20:49 CET 2005


I'm trying to see matroska movie with external russian subtitles. They're 
incorrectly displayed, most symblols are replaced by "_" symbol. This occur 
only if I play film coded by matroska codec; with all other codecs subtitles 
are correctly displayed. Moreover, when I recode this movie to mpeg4 with the 
help of mencoder the bug disappear.

Original subtitles (and OSD fonts) are in cp1251 encoding, when I recode 
subtitles to koi8-r (and change fonts correspondingly) the bug remains.

If option -subcp cp1251 (or koi8-r) is used, all symbols except punctuation 
characters are replaced by "_" symbol.

This bug is observed in mplayer-1.0pre5, mplayer-1.0pre5try2 and 
mplayer-1.0pre6a, so I don't check the latest CVS version.

Example of matroska file and russian subtitles is uploaded to 

I don't put the output of mplayer -v due to abcense error and warning 
messages, if someone need it or other information, please let me know.

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