[MPlayer-users] DVD Subtitles (again)

Alexander Roalter roalter at cs.tum.edu
Tue Jan 25 01:17:59 CET 2005

A few months ago (October, to be exactly) I already wrote about the
problems with the subtitles of the Star Wars DVDs (the original trilogy),
which cam out last September/October. It seems to me the guys over at
lucasfilm did something wrong (or at least unusual) with the subtitles,
for they are not easily displayed.

I always get
Starting playback...
SPUasm: invalid frag len / len2: 625 / 3 189/189  0%  0%  2.9% 0 0
SPUasm: invalid frag len / len2: 69 / 0  228/228  0%  0%  2.6% 0 0
SPUasm: invalid frag len / len2: 1833 / 0 12/312  0%  0%  2.3% 0 0
SPUasm: invalid frag len / len2: 1177 / 0 74/374  0%  0%  2.1% 0 0

when playing the DVD (or a dump of it on my hard disk)

I said it may be b/c of the guys at lucasfilm, since the Indiana Jones
DVDs also are affected by the same problem, only that there subtitles are
not needed, whilst the various alien speeches in star wars are best seen
with subtitles.

I have uploaded a sample (part of chapter 24) from A New Hope for your
verification, hopefully you can manage to display the subtitles in their
entirety or only when needed (forced subtitles).

The file is entitled starwarssub2.vob with an associated starwarssub.txt.


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