[MPlayer-users] Re: [BUGREPORT] MPlayer segfaults on MPEG1/2 in AVI with high framerate

RC rcooley at spamcop.net
Mon Jan 24 11:50:54 CET 2005

Nico Sabbi <nsabbi <at> tiscali.it> writes:

> D Richard Felker III wrote:
> >why was that broken code ever put there in the first place then?!?!
> good question for which I don't have an answer. What about #if-zeroing 
> it for good?

I think I've found an answer...  

With that section of code disabled, MPlayer can't determine the proper aspect
ratio for MPEG1/2-in-AVI videos, and it just uses 1:1.

Much better than crashing, IMHO, but it would be very nice to be able to fix the
bug AND handle aspect ratios properly.

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