[MPlayer-users] Can't play AAC/m4a files after mp4tags tagging

Adam Rosi-Kessel adam at rosi-kessel.org
Sun Jan 23 01:04:43 CET 2005

I'm using Christian Marillat's mplayer Debian packages: mplayer
1:1.0-pre6-0.2, libfaad2-0 2.0.0-0.2.

When I tag m4a files with mp4tags (usually adding the genre) they are no
longer playable in mplayer.  It just skips right through them without
giving an error.  Sometimes it will play one that has been tagged, but in
most cases, it will not.

These same files play fine in totem, so I don't think they have been

Anyone else experience this problem?  Any fixes?  Is this an mplayer
bug?  Should I file a bug and/or post to the -dev list?  
Adam Rosi-Kessel

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