[MPlayer-users] audiofilter pan

Lars Täuber taeuber at bbaw.de
Fri Jan 21 11:42:15 CET 2005


I'm new to this list.
After having managed to encode ac3 into 6channel ogg.vorbis I'd like to get mplayer this type of file on a only stereo capable system.

Therefore I tried to use audiofilters pan function.
But it didn't do it the way i expected it to do.

My commandline was:

mplayer -ao alsa -channels 2 -af pan=2:0:0:0:0:0.5:0.5:0:0:0:0:0.5:0.5 test6.ogg

to hear only channel 5 and 6 on both speakers.

But I can't hear anything.

Where is my fault?

Thanks alot.

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