[MPlayer-users] [BUGREPORT] 1channel toolame produces only noise

RC rcooley at spamcop.net
Thu Jan 20 23:42:47 CET 2005

-oac toolame works very well when used with 2-channel material, and
encoding to stereo or joint-stereo.  Unfortunately, it produces pure
static when used with "-channels 1".  Actually, you can hear the
audio, beneath the static, though it's very high-pitched.   I've
uploaded a sample to MPlayer/incoming/ named "toolame-1ch.avi". 
See attached log: "toolame-1ch.txt" for verbose mencoder
output and specific command-line.

I've tried "-channels 2" (the default) and "-toolameopts mode=mono", but
it reports an "unknown mode" and exits.  See: toolame-2ch-mono.txt for

Also, you can expect to see this message again in a month or so, as the
first one was over the 80K limit (awaiting moderator approval), and the
link to cancel the post is 404:
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