[MPlayer-users] vidixlib: [radeon] Can't find chip

Daniele Boffi daniele.boffi at unipv.it
Thu Jan 20 17:53:04 CET 2005

> This means it works with the old libdha compiled into new mplayer?


> Do you have some old or multiple versions of libdha lying around 
> in /usr/local/lib or /usr/lib?

Right now yes, but is shouldn't hurt (or help...).
"test.c" is compiled against the libdha.so.0 in the current working
directory. In any case, when I tried first the pre5 version
distributed with the gentoo ebuild it was the only one and it did
not work.

> There shouldn't really be many changes between the 2 
> libdha dirs. Try to find out what change broke it. (diff -u to see the 
> differences).

This would probably take some time... nevertheless I can give it a 
It would help me if you can give me some hints on which files I
should look at first.



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