[MPlayer-users] [BUG - Nailed] Mencoder + XviD => not playable in Windows

hep at libero.it hep at libero.it
Thu Jan 20 15:03:25 CET 2005

Hello all, first of all thanks to all the developers for their great work! I
love Mplayer and Mencoder :)

I've seen that there have been several messages in the past regarding Windows
being unable to play XviD files encoded with Mencoder. I had the same problem,
and we've been talking about it at Doom9 for a  couple of days in this thread:


So it seems that the default Windows avi-splitter filter can't handle the headers of
XviD mencoder-encoded files because those headers contain a string with LOCALE
information. In this picture you can see  (in an hex-editor) the header of a
XviD file
which doesn't work under Windows:


As you see, there is that  string "en_US.UTF-8/LC_M". If I edit that string with an 
hex-editor overwriting it with zeroes (ASCII zeroes), as you can see in this


and save the file, the file now works flawlessy! And I must say I've checked in
a lot
of avi files' headers, and only Mencoder XviD files has locale information in them.
Note well, Mencoder lavc files have not that information, and they work flawlessy.

So it can't be so difficult to patch this "bug" (I don't know if it's in XviD or
in Mencoder).

I hope some developer is listening :)


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