[MPlayer-users] MPlayer gets stuck like a record skipping

Kirchner, Patrick Patrick.Kirchner at earthtech.com
Wed Jan 19 23:38:29 CET 2005

I'm having a problem with MPlayer on an older/slow laptop.  I'm not sure if
the speed the laptop's speed is somehow causing the problem, but any number
of different streams seem to eventually get stuck in a loop.  It sounds like
a skipping record, replaying the same 1/8 of a second sound byte over and
over and over and well you get the idea...
Here are some details:
Debian 3.1
Kernel 2.6.10
MPlayer 1.0pre6-3.3.5
Here are some of the streams that loop/crash on this machine, but not on my
other computer (same OS, Kernel & MPlayer version BTW):
I'm not sure how to debug the problem since I have to control-C to end the
If anyone could offer me some tips or suggestions I'd be most appreciative.
Thanks much,
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