[MPlayer-users] RFE: "Intelligent" DVD title selection

Danny pi at digitalfantasy.it
Tue Jan 18 12:53:56 CET 2005

Matthew Mott ha scritto:

> RC wrote:
>> And when you want to play the second title, you have to go through the
>> numbers guessing-game again...
>> Not to mention that this wouldn't work well for DVDs with some titles
>> longer than the others (eg. season premieres/finales).
> The purpose of this feature is to make it easier to play movies, not TV
> series with multiple titles. The latter would still require manual title
> selection (or Xine, as I prefer to use for this).
>> This idea has been proposed before, and rejected.  It's not as if the
>> developers don't have enough to do already...
> There does appear to be a discussion on Mplayer-dev-eng about it with a
> possible patch, but I cannot find any obvious rejection of the idea,
> just some discussion of the best syntax (the patch was using dvd://-1
> which is apparently already used).
> Matthew

   The first patch was made in that way, a second one was send where the 
sintax is


   so if you use

      mplayer dvd://longest

   it play the longest title (and it may not be the one you want, 
especially for DVD of telefilm when you have 4 title of the almost same 

   if you use

       mplayer dvd://list

   it simply prints the lenght of the various title and exit, in this 
way you can select 'manually' (dvd://3 for example) which title you want.

   and, finally, if you use

       mplayer dvd://longest:list

   it plays the longest AND display the lenght (among other information, 
chapter, cell and audio track if I remenber well)

   This feature doesn't delete the old one, you can simply type

      mplayer dvd://33

   if you want to see the film "Aliens Special Edition".

   Tha patch was simply a fast integration of lsdvd in the mplayer code.

   I was thinking also of remove from the list title shorter than a 
value or let the user select the title if more title are different of, 
say, 5 % in lenght but it was probably too much work for little gain.

      Daniele Forghieri


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