[MPlayer-users] Audio & Audio+video mixing

Damien Babilon damien at goodidea.be
Tue Jan 18 09:50:56 CET 2005

Hi all,

I'm new to  the list and new to mplayer.

I'm searching for a solution ...
I need to get 2 stream...

the first one is movies
the second one is music

Movie for the most of the time have no audio, but sometimes, there is 
audio into the movie stream.
If there is no audio into the movie stream, the music stream is playing, 
but when there is an audio stream into the movie, I want the system to 
do a failing onto the music stream and put the audio stream volume of 
the video a little bit higher.
At the end of the audio video stream, the music must restart.

Did you have any suggestion? Is it possible to do it with mplayer or do 
I need somethings like esound or dbmix ?

I hope it is not too much confuse... I'm not very fluent in english, if 
you have any question, ask them...

Thank's in advance.


Damien Babilon
Mobile: +32 (0)486 631 971
Phone: +32 (0)10 680 462

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