[MPlayer-users] RFE: "Intelligent" DVD title selection

Matthew Mott matmott at btinternet.com
Sat Jan 15 14:30:17 CET 2005

Greetings mplayer-users,

With current versions of mplayer, the command "mplayer dvd://" seems to
be synonymous with "mplayer dvd://1", in that it plays the first DVD
title. However, there does not at present appear to be any option to
automatically play the longest title - a fairly good heuristic for
identifying the actual feature as opposed to all the other material on a
DVD - and this can make it difficult to play a DVD where the title
structure is not intuitive. For example, the PAL/R2 version of "Shrek 2"
has 57 titles of which title 35 is the film, which I was only able to
discover by playing the disc with Xine and looking at the display once
the feature had started.

Assuming it is not too difficult, I think it would be a very good idea
to add an option to mplayer to select and play the longest DVD title. I
suggest that the behaviour of the command "mplayer dvd://" is altered to
invoke this new feature, so that playing a DVD film with mplayer really
is as easy as this one line (while individual titles can still be
selected with dvd://n, as usual), but if this would break stuff the
feature could still be used with "dvd://auto" or something.


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