[MPlayer-users] Mencoder doesn't create Index

Nick nick.rienties at home.nl
Fri Jan 14 20:01:49 CET 2005

>Are you using MPlayer 1.0pre4 or earlier?
>Since 1.0pre5 MPlayer has ODML support and you should not have
>such a problem.
>If you have 1.0pre5/6 then I think there is some sort of bug somewhere.
>And when MPlayer says:
>>Cannot seek in raw AVI streams. (Index required, try with the -idx 
>You should try -forceidx instead.
>If -forceidx works, then you can use -saveidx and -loadidx too.
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I'm using MPlayer 1.0pre6-3.2.3 for Windows. I tried the -forceidx 
switch but this still gives the "Cannot seek in raw AVI streams" output.
I remember while encoding movies in Linux, Mencoder outputs something 
like "creating new odlm index at 1024".
I'm going to encode Hero again and see if Mencoder gives similar output, 
I'll let you know if it does.

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