[MPlayer-users] [BUG] MPlayer freeze with this .rm

Mirco Macrelli pigaz at pigaz.org
Thu Jan 13 15:56:14 CET 2005


A friend of mine has found a small rm file that completely freeze mplayer 
1.0-pre6. I have just compiled the last version of MPlayer from the CVS but 
the problems remains. After 12,8 second the video become full of artifacts 
for at least 1 second. When MPlayer arrives at 15,6 second both the video and 
the audio completely stop. Now the only way to close mplayer is Ctrl-C in the 

The video is reproduced correctly if mplayer is forced to use Windows's Dll 
(-vc rv40win).

I've uploaded the video and the log of mplayer -v on the incoming directory of 
your ftp server with this names.


ciao ;)
Mirco Macrelli <pigaz at pigaz.org>
hkp://subkeys.pgp.net 0x6905D52E
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