[MPlayer-users] Blank screen after 10 minutes of playing

Kirchner, Patrick Patrick.Kirchner at earthtech.com
Wed Jan 12 20:06:05 CET 2005

Is it possibly the actual screen saver that's set to a blank screen after 10

If you weren't in X I'd suggest "setterm -blank 0" but it sounds like you
are in X, or?

You could maybe completely disable DPMS by removing or remarking it from
your XF86Config-4 file.


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I have a strange problem with 1.0pre6a (and also pre5). I'm using vo sdl to
play movies. When I play a movie in fullscreen (-fs), exactly after 10
minutes the screen turns black, the movie is still playing, audio can be
heard, but no video. I have to move a mouse or press a key, then the video
is OK. But after 10 minutes, blank screen again. MPlayer detects and disable
DPMS. (I checked it in another console with "xset q" while playing a movie.)
(Also DPMS is set to 20 minutes, not 10). If I use 1.0pre4, everything is in

Does anyone know what can be wrong? Or what can I try?

Adam Rambousek
email: xrambous at fi.muni.cz   www: http://adamovy.cestiny.cz

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