[MPlayer-users] mencvcd difficulties

Christian H. Kuhn qno-mplayer at qno.de
Tue Jan 11 18:14:50 CET 2005

Hi all,

I try to make a SVCD out of an avi using mencvcd. I first removed the
-m option from mplexnorm. But i got an error in mpeg2enc, causing a
list of options and abort.

I tried a lot, so i made a variable containing the mpeg2enc command
with all options. mpeg2enc is called

mpeg2enc -v 0 -s -f 5 -b 2500 -B 260 -V 230 -a 2 -S 700 -g 6 -G 15 -r 16   -n p -4 2 -2 1 -o test.mpv

I can see no illegal options here. It's output is (after the mplayer output)

**ERROR: [mpeg2enc] Input stream with unknown frame-rate and no frame-rate specified with -a!
++ WARN: [mpeg2enc] Generating dummy SVCD scan-data offsets to be filled in by "vcdimager"
++ WARN: [mpeg2enc] If you're not using vcdimager you may wish to turn this off using -d
--verbose|-v num
    Level of verbosity. 0 = quiet, 1 = normal 2 = verbose/debug
--format|-f fmt
    Set pre-defined mux format fmt.
    [0 = Generic MPEG1, 1 = standard VCD, 2 = user VCD,
     3 = Generic MPEG2, 4 = standard SVCD, 5 = user SVCD,
     6 = VCD Stills sequences, 7 = SVCD Stills sequences, 8|9 = DVD]
--aspect|-a num
    Set displayed image aspect ratio image (default: 2 = 4:3)
    [1 = 1:1, 2 = 4:3, 3 = 16:9, 4 = 2.21:1]
--frame-rate|-F num
    Set playback frame rate of encoded video
    (default: frame rate of input stream)
    0 = Display frame rate code table
--video-bitrate|-b num
    Set Bitrate of compressed video in KBit/sec
    (default: 1152 for VCD, 2500 for SVCD, 7500 for DVD)
--nonvideo-birate|-B num
    Non-video data bitrate to assume for sequence splitting
    calculations (see also --sequence-length).
--quantisation|-q num
    Image data quantisation factor [1..31] (1 is best quality, no default)
    When quantisation is set variable bit-rate encoding is activated and
    the --bitrate value sets an *upper-bound* video data-rate
--output|-o pathname
    Pathname of output file or fifo (REQUIRED!!!)
--target-still-size|-T size
    Size in KB of VCD stills
--interlace-mode|-I num
    Sets MPEG 2 motion estimation and encoding modes:
    0 = Progressive (non-interlaced)(Movies)
    1 = Interlaced source material (video)
    2 = Interlaced source material, per-field-encoding (video)
--motion-search-radius|-r num
    Motion compensation search radius [0..32] (default 16)
--reduction-4x4|-4 num
    Reduction factor for 4x4 subsampled candidate motion estimates
    [1..4] [1 = max quality, 4 = max. speed] (default: 2)
--reduction-2x2|-2 num
    Reduction factor for 2x2 subsampled candidate motion estimates
    [1..4] [1 = max quality, 4 = max. speed] (default: 3)
--min-gop-size|-g num
    Minimum size Group-of-Pictures (default depends on selected format)
--max-gop-size|-G num
    Maximum size Group-of-Pictures (default depends on selected format)
    If min-gop is less than max-gop, mpeg2enc attempts to place GOP
    boundaries to coincide with scene changes
    All Group-of-Pictures are closed.  Useful for authoring multi-angle DVD
    Preserve two B frames between I/P frames when placing GOP boundaries
--quantisation-reduction|-Q num
    Max. quantisation reduction for highly active blocks
    [0.0 .. 5] (default: 0.0)
--quant-reduction-max-var|-X num
    Luma variance below which quantisation boost (-Q) is used
    [0.0 .. 2500.0](default: 0.0)
--video-buffer|-V num
    Target decoders video buffer size in KB (default 46)
--video-norm|-n n|p|s
    Tag output to suit playback in specified video norm
    (n = NTSC, p = PAL, s = SECAM) (default: PAL)
--sequence-length|-S num
    Place a sequence boundary in the video stream so they occur every
    num Mbytes once the video is multiplexed with audio etc.
    N.b. --non-video-bitrate is used to the bitrate of the other
    data that will be multiplexed with this video stream
    Generate header flags for 3-2 pull down of 24fps movie material
--intra_dc_prec|-D [8..11]
    Set number of bits precision for DC (base colour) of blocks in MPEG-2
--reduce-hf|-N num
    [0.0..2.0] Reduce hf resolution (increase quantization) by num (default: 0.0)
    Maximise high-frequency resolution - useful for high quality sources
    and/or high bit-rates)
    Include a sequence header every GOP if the selected format doesn't
    do so by default.
    Do not generate dummy SVCD scan-data for the ISO CD image
    generator "vcdimager" to fill in.
--playback-field-order|-z b|t
    Force setting of playback field order to bottom or top first
--multi-thread|-M num
    Activate multi-threading to optimise throughput on a system with num CPU's
    [0..32], 0=no multithreading, (default: 1)
    Force SVCD horizontal_display_size to be 480 - standards say 540 or 720
    But many DVD/SVCD players screw up with these values.
    Force MPEG2 *not* to use alternate block scanning.  This may allow some
    buggy players to play SVCD streams
    Deactivate the constraints for maximum video resolution and sample rate.
    Could expose bugs in the software at very high resolutions!
--custom-quant-matrices|-K kvcd|tmpgenc|default|hi-res|file=inputfile|help
    Request custom or userspecified (from a file) quantization matrices
--unit-coeff-elim|-E num
    Skip picture blocks which appear to carry little information
    because they code to only unit coefficients. The number specifies
    how aggresively this should be done. A negative value means DC
    coefficients are included.  Reasonable values -40 to 40
--b-per-refframe| -R 0|1|2
    The number of B frames to generate between each I/P frame
    Print this lot out!
*** [vo] Allocating (slices) mp_image_t, 720x480x12bpp YUV planar, 518400 bytes
*** [vo] Allocating (slices) mp_image_t, 720x480x12bpp YUV planar, 518400 bytes
/usr/bin/mencvcd: line 422: 10539 Datenübergabe unterbrochen (broken pipe)                $command
wait, encoding to mp2 audio with mp2enc...
   INFO: [mp2enc] Opened WAV file, freq = 22050 Hz, channels = 2, bits = 16
   INFO: [mp2enc] format = 0x1, audio length = 2147479552 bytes
   INFO: [mp2enc] slots/frame = 731
   INFO: [mp2enc] frac SpF=0.429, tot bitrate=224 kbps, s freq=44.1 kHz
   INFO: [mp2enc] Fractional number of slots, padding required
   INFO: [mp2enc] System is little endian
   INFO: [mp2enc] Avg slots/frame = inf; b/smp = inf; br = inf kbps
   INFO: [mp2enc] Encoding with psychoacoustic model 2 is finished
   INFO: [mp2enc] The MPEG encoded output file name is "test.mpa"

You see, p.e. an -a option is there, but mpeg2enc complains about it
not beeing there.

What did i wrong, and how can i correct it?

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