[MPlayer-users] New mpeg muxer - update

Vijay G. vijay.s.gill at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 21:24:04 CET 2005

>>Hi Nico,
>>    What does tsaf do? I mean what is the advantage of adding time-stamps 
>> on
>>all frames?
> it helps debugging the file
>>does that effect filesize (if more data is added to file), or
>>seek-ability or anything else?
> the filesize wil be a bit bigger but seekability should improve
>> I am asking because I will be encoding the
>>next recording using this option if it is useful. Also I had encoded one
>>recording last night using your patch (i downloaded it just when it 
>>in mailing list) and all went fine as far as encoding was concerned(no 0
>>byte file) and I will be authoring a DVD in the evening. Will report if
>>there is any problem)(otherwise no news is good news :) ).
> imo no news means no use
>>Regards from
Hi Nico,
    Just to tell you, your latest patch is running greate since the day I
applied it. I have encoded about 10 movies with it, and none has caused any
    Thanks for a great job.
Regards from

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