[MPlayer-users] How to get "audio format 0x50" work?

Josef Wolf jw at raven.inka.de
Sun Jan 9 12:11:41 CET 2005

On Sat, Jan 08, 2005 at 10:13:08PM -0800, RC wrote:

> > It
> > seems like mplayer/mencoder don't know how to handle audio format
> > 0x50.
> MPlayer handles 0x50 just fine.
> The mplayer log says quite clearly that it's trying to use mp3lib to
> play the audio stream, but that fails.  Then it tries ffmpeg, then mad,
> which fails, then it gives up.  The stream is marked as 0x50, but the
> MP2 decoders can't play it.
> I don't know anything about vdr streams, but it seems like the file you
> are playing may be corrupt.

VDR is video disk recorder software for linux.  This file was recorded
from a DVB-S card (Astra satellite).  Maybe it is some sort of AC3 sound
and my stereo sound card can't handle it?

> Can any other programs play-back this file without problems?

VDR plays it without problems. :)  But I would like to encode it and burn
to cd/dvd, because I am getting out of disk space :)

> Also, pre5 is over half a year old now, you should at least be trying
> 1.0pre6, if not a CVS snapshot.

Ah, OK.  I was not aware that pre6 is out now.  I'll try it.

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