[MPlayer-users] utf8 support in mplayer? Localisation problems.

Peter Volkov Alexandrovich volkov_peter at list.ru
Sun Jan 9 10:26:31 CET 2005


Now I dug the problem a bit more. I would like to ask another quesiton. 
Mplayer for localisation uses ./help/help_mp-<lang>.h files. They have 
#define to define language specific messages. The problem is that for example 
for russian language there exist different charsets: koi8-r, cp1251, utf8 
(and more, but they are not wide used).
So now to have messages in utf8 encoding I have to do something like:
iconv -f koi8-r ${S}/help/help_mp-ru.h ${S}/help/help_mp-ru_utf8.h
But this is possible only during compile time. But what to do if I decide to 
change locale? Are there some reasons for mplayer to use compiled in text 

Thank you for your attention,

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