[MPlayer-users] DVD lengths reported as 0 in pre6

Ben Nemec nemebe01 at luther.edu
Sun Jan 9 09:08:46 CET 2005

   I've recently discovered that in 1.0pre6a MPlayer reports the lengths of 
some DVD tracks as 0, while in earlier versions I got a too-short but 
non-zero value.  Unfortunately this has also caused problems with seeking for 
me, as seeking to an absolute value doesn't work at all and seeking to a 
percent definitely is not working right either.  I don't see any particular 
pattern to which tracks I'm having trouble with.  On the same disc, one track 
shows up just fine and the next reports a length of 0.  However, if a track 
shows up as 0, it always shows up as zero and if it has a time it always has 
a time.

Has anyone else run into this and reported it?  If not I'll submit a full bug 
report (if that's what it is).


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