[MPlayer-users] NOSPAM 3GPP supprort?

CrimeDog crimedog at wp.pl
Mon Jan 3 21:49:08 CET 2005


Is it possible to add complete .3gp support to MPlayer (playback only)?
Now I can watch video without sound, I found, that someone was able to
hear sound (23.11.2004 - playing 3GP/H2.63/AMR files thread).
I've edited codecs.conf
videocodec ffh263
format 0x33363273
but when I add:

audiocodec ffamr
  format 0x726D6173
  fourcc "samr"
  dll "amr_nb"

even video doesn't work.

I have Marillat's debs, I'm lazy Debian user and I prefer wait what
recompile mplayer with patches from CVS :P

With kindest regards:
Konrad Materka

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