[MPlayer-users] asf (wma) problem

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at stud.uni-karlsruhe.de
Sun Jan 2 00:52:29 CET 2005

> First time post. I am from USA and am trying to play National Public Radio Fresh Air archives streaming wma and failing. I am on Mandrake 10.1 official.
> I have built Mplayer from cvs (MPlayer-1.0pre6a) from source and  get the 
> same results as the Mandrake delivered player.
> For example
> mplayer -playlist mms://wm.npr.na-central.speedera.net/wm.npr.na-central/fa/20041011_fa_01.wma
> or
> mplayer http://wm.npr.na-central.speedera.net/wm.npr.na-central/fa/20041011_fa_01.wma
> both fail. A bit of the output follows (I uncommented some printf calls in asf_streaming.c)

Always give the full output of mplayer -v, do not cut it.

> I receive 2 chunk types 0x4824, several type 0x4424 chunks, then
> I receive chunk type 0x4524 (ASF_STREAMING_END_TRANS) but don't know if this
> is correct or not for this stream. (I do not receive it on another stream that works fine)
> This chunk type MAY  be mis-handled in asf_streaming.c since the line
> chunk_size -= sizeof(ASF_stream_chunck_t); 
> results in a chunk_size of -8 (4 - 12).
> I am new to the code so maybe that is ok.

No idea but it works for me with MPlayer CVS (though you need to use the
binary codec for the lower bitrate streams with e.g. -ac wmadmo).

Reimar Döffinger

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