[MPlayer-users] Feature request - changing input files

Michael Collard quadfour at iinet.net.au
Fri Feb 25 02:42:05 CET 2005

I use MPlayer-CVS(20041203) with Mplayerplug-in 2.80 which works really
well apart from one shortcoming. Apparently MPlayer cannot handle an
input file changing, or rather MPlayer doesn't notice if it changes. I
found this out by emailing the mplayerplug-in list about this. The
problem is that MPlayer will only play the portion of file that the
plugin has downloaded until it reopens the file.

It was suggested that I make a bug report but this isn't really a bug,
just a lack of a feature. Any chance of getting MPlayer to support
changing input files? I thought it might be to do with caching of
MPlayer, so tried playing with the nocache options but that didn't help.

Michael Collard

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