[MPlayer-users] Re: End-of-file and growing files

Tuure Laurinolli tuure at laurinolli.net
Fri Feb 25 01:26:41 CET 2005

RC wrote:
> Why do so many people using MPlayer on Windows report bugs here?  There
> is a list specifically for MPlayer on Windows.  Is there some note in
> the readme that incorrectly tells you to report problems here?

I didn't mean that as a bug report (at least in the traditional "my 
mplayer is broken, fix it, waaah" sense). Would you have preferred me to 
not tell I found the cause of the problem?

Also, mplayer-windows doesn't exist as a newsgroup on gmane, no wonder I 
didn't find it. Anyway, I'm sorry for all the inconvenience I caused and 
will punish myself by trying to compile mplayer on windows for the next 
coupld of days :)
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