[MPlayer-users] Re: End-of-file and growing files

Tuure Laurinolli tuure at laurinolli.net
Thu Feb 24 13:18:46 CET 2005

RC wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 01:27:40 +0200
> Tuure Laurinolli <tuure at laurinolli.net> wrote:
>>It seems that when playing a growing gile, mplayer will stop at the 
>>position which was end-of-file at the time the playing was started. 
> No, not really.  This tends to be a problem with MPlayer having the
> original EOF in it's cache.  Try running mplayer with "-nocache" or at
> least a very small cache size, and you'll probably be able to avoid this
> problem.

Hm, apparently it is actually because of Windows file reading 
mechanisms. It tells mplayer it hit the end of file even though there is 
over 150 megabytes left. I suspect this happens exactly at where the end 
of file was when mplayer opened the file, and I can confirm that it 
happens very close to there, checking the length of the file when 
starting mplayer and checking what it tried to read when it failed.

There must be some workaround, though. Maybe I will have time to look 
more into this and make a patch during the weekend.
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