[MPlayer-users] OGG Conversion

zikzak at tele2.fr zikzak at tele2.fr
Wed Feb 23 19:00:12 CET 2005

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 11:35:10 -0500 (EST)
"Anthony" <anthony at pucho.com> wrote:

>What is process to convert AVI movies to OGG files?
>I am using mplayer on Sharp Zaurus 5600 Linux PDA with
>Sharp ROM version 1.00 V. Any clues appreciated. Thanks
>in advance.


I think that you're talking about OGG Theora.
If this is the case then I use a simple script to convert a video to an OGG Theora file :

mkfifo -m 0600 stream.yuv stream.wav
mplayer dvd://1 -chapter 1-11 -af volume=15 -ao pcm -aofile stream.wav -vo null -vc dummy -quiet &>audio.log &
mplayer dvd://1 -chapter 1-11 -vo yuv4mpeg -vf crop=xxx:xxx:xx:xx,scale=xxx:xxx -ao null -nosound -quiet &>video.log &
encoder_example -a 3 -v 8 -o DVD.ogg stream.wav stream.yuv

Of course you need libtheora installed and you have to use its encoder_example binary.


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