[MPlayer-users] QuickTime 6.3 -> 6.5.1 and Apple Lossless???

Timo J.Rinne tri at iki.fi
Wed Feb 23 17:21:03 CET 2005


I've been using mplayer as a audio player for various sound formats.  Some
formats are decoded using imported Windows QuickTime libraries.  The current
version of QuickTime supported seems to be 6.3 and it's not capable of decoding
Apple Lossless audio.

Should the new version (6.5.1) be integrated and support for new audio format
added, that would be the first non-{Windows,Mac} solution to be able to decode
Apple Lossless and would surely be appreciated.

I was wondering whether there are any plans for doing that?  I looked into the
code myself and found out that also the dll itself needs to be tweaked in the
process, so I think someone with earlier experience in integrating dlls would be
needed for the job.

Maybe the one who integrated the earlier versions could comment or maybe even do
the port?  At least I'd be very happy :)-


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