[MPlayer-users] Crash with mencoder on win32

testic testic at testic.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 22 21:35:50 CET 2005

Hi there,

I have been having some problems copying and encoding a DVD using 
mencoder 1.0pre6-3.2.3 on win32 (win98SE).

Mainly the audio is far too quiet when playing back the resulting 
file, as per the "Quiet AC3 with 2-speaker setup" thread, but that's 
not a huge problem. The problem occurs when I try to copy the DVD 
and encode the audio as mp3, with a view to using an audio filter to 
boost the volume level. The program always crashes, it always 
crashes at exactly 80% complete, but only when I process the audio.

I have tried using the same settings apart from varying the audio 
part, the basic commandline is as follows (this is the one that works):

mencoder.exe dvd://1 -noskip -o "output.avi" -xy 512 -ovc lavc 
-lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vpass=1 -oac copy

Any combination of audio encoders (mp3lame lavc etc) and audio 
filters (I would like to use -af volume=37:0 or similar to boost the 
volume) causes the crash, always at 80%.

I have tried running the encoder on a different machine (also 
win98SE), accessing the DVD drive over the network, using the same 
variations of settings, and it always crashes at 80%.

I am able to play the DVD itself perfectly, both with mplayer on 
both machines, and a separate set-top DVD player, indeed encoding 
with the "-oac copy" option is fine apart from the sound, so I am 
ruling out defective DVD drive and disc.

I am also ruling out a hard disc error on the copy machine, I 
checked it has plenty of space, I ran a full scandisk, and I tried 
on a totally different machine, so I don't think that's a problem.

I would try the process with a different DVD just to be sure, but it 
is the only one I own, and to be honest I am at a bit of a loss. Can 
anyone give me any advice or pointers?

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