[MPlayer-users] Will -edl be available in mencoder some time?

Ian Pickworth ian at pickworth.me.uk
Tue Feb 22 17:27:58 CET 2005

Martin Collins wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 14:13:56 +0000
> Ian Pickworth <ian at pickworth.me.uk> wrote:
>>Hence the question in the title - is someone working on allowing
>>-edl in mencoder, giving a really useful editing tool in the
> Attached is a python script (called medit) I wrote for this purpose
> some time ago.
> You will need to modify your editlist to suit I should think.

Now that is neat - I'm not a Python person but what I think I'm seeing 
is use of the -ss and -endpos options to slice up the original file, and 
then use mencoder to put it back together. Very neat.

If its not too blasphemous, I'll have a go at translating into Perl (old 
dogs and all that :-) ).

Many thanks.

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