[MPlayer-users] Will -edl be available in mencoder some time?

Ian Pickworth ian at pickworth.me.uk
Tue Feb 22 15:13:56 CET 2005

I have a large avi MJPEG file (9.9G) that I recorded from live TV, and 
have fine tuned a EDL file for mplayer that allows me to just view the 
program I wanted to record, skipping over the adverts, and the front and 
back padding created by my generous use of recording time window.

Since the skipped material amounts to 45 minutes or more, cutting out 
these parts of the recording would save me a great deal of space. I have 
tried compressing the file using the examples in the documentation, but 
nothing gets close to the original quality - besides, processing 
something I don't want to watch seems like a profligate waste of 
resources :-) .

However, when I tried to use -edl as an option on mencoder (thinking 
this would be the obvious way to go), it says:

"edl is not an MEncoder option"

(MEncoder 1.0pre5try2-3.3.5 (C) 2000-2004 MPlayer Team) is the version.

Hence the question in the title - is someone working on allowing -edl in 
mencoder, giving a really useful editing tool in the process?

Or, maybe I have missed something in the copious documentation that 
provides the same function under a different name?

Failing all that, can someone suggest a tool that I can use to achieve 
this? I've tried "lives", but it takes forever to load 500 frames, and 
then claims there is no audio track :-( . Mplayer is *so* much better.


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