[MPlayer-users] Error cracking CSS key

Fabio Papa fn024607 at yahoo.it
Tue Feb 22 13:18:04 CET 2005

Rodrigo Guerra wrote:
>>firmware. There are many region code free firmware out there, try
>>searching for your dvd reader model and RPC1 on google.
> I searched for MATSHITAUJ-822Da and it seems there is no firmware
> available up to the moment:

Hmm, from my research that sounds like a DVD-RAM drive. Am I right?
If yes, I think you're basically to a dead end, since such drives are 
never used, so it's unlikely to find modified firmware. There are 
software, under winduhs, which can make any drive read any region dvds, 
but linux pretends the drive to be able to read data.
I think you're at a dead end, and I think you should buy a cheap (20€) 
dvd reader for the job.

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