[MPlayer-users] End-of-file and growing files

Tuure Laurinolli tuure at laurinolli.net
Tue Feb 22 00:27:40 CET 2005

It seems that when playing a growing gile, mplayer will stop at the 
position which was end-of-file at the time the playing was started. This 
is annoying when trying to watch a MPEG TS stream from DVB while it's 
being recorded.

A couple of working workarounds exist, but they aren't without problems. 
I could cat the file that is being recorded, and pipe it to mplayer - 
works, but I can't seek. I could use tail -c n -f to seek to a suitable 
beginning, but it would stil lbe impossible to seek while playing.

I'm not yet familiar with mplayer internals, but I was thinking about 
the following additions/changes:

1. When the file resder hits end-of-file while playing, it should check 
if the file has grown while it was being played. If it has grown, the 
end-of-file should be set to the current end-of-file.

2. When end-of-file is hit while seeking, the player should not exit, 
but pause, or possibly only seek to the last seek position that is 
inside the file.

Are there any known technical restrictions that would make either or 
both of these goals impossible to realize?

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