[MPlayer-users] Error cracking CSS key

Fabio Papa fn024607 at yahoo.it
Mon Feb 21 11:43:14 CET 2005

Rodrigo Guerra wrote:
>>Please, if somebody have some new idea let me know.
> Just replying myself, not to let the thread die.
> Today I played a region 2 DVD (which maches the region set of the
> player), and in this case the decoding (which I suppose is no decoding
> at all) worked fine. Data DVDs also read fine. The command line was
> "mplayer dvd://".
err, not exactly. Decoding is always used. Your problem, I think, is 
more likely hardware caused, in that region code is in the drive 
firmware. There are many region code free firmware out there, try 
searching for your dvd reader model and RPC1 on google.

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