[MPlayer-users] zr video output with 4 cards

petya petya at boros.ath.cx
Sun Feb 20 19:32:09 CET 2005

I have 5 DC10+ card, and i want to play out a 3600x576 video in 5 parts,
but always only 2 cards work, separately, both are ok. The cards are
/dev/video0-4. When i try:
mplayer -vo zr -zrdev /dev/video0 -zrcrop 720x576+0+0 -zrdev /dev/video1
-zrcrop 720x576+720+0 -zrdev /dev/video2 -zrcrop 720x576+1440+0 -zrdev
/dev/video3 -zrcrop 720x576+2160+0 -zrdev /dev/video4 -zrcrop
720x576+2880+0 -sws 0 foobar.avi

Than only 2 of the cards works. When i try separately:

mplayer -vo zr -zrdev/dev/video0 -zrcrop 720x576 -sws 0 foobar.avi

It works for each device and each part of the video. 

How can i make all the 5 cards work at once?


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