[MPlayer-users] mplayer acting very slow with -mixer-channel, gmplayer is even worse

Sebastian sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Sat Feb 19 07:33:14 CET 2005

RC schrieb:
> Have you tried some of the parameters you can pass to -ao alsa.  eg "-ao
> alsa:mmap:noblock:device=hw=0.7".  It's best to try each one
> individually, of course.
> Then there's the other audio options...  Have you tried with "-autosync
> 30", "-mc 0", "-mc 1", "-mc 10"?  Do they help at all?
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Thanks for your reply!

All these options have no effect on the outcome.
Btw, xmms goes with ALSA, no problem at all. Maybe looking at their code 
could help getting rid of the problem? Just a thought.



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