[MPlayer-users] Slow loading of a file

Thomas Reed treed at lavergne.org
Fri Feb 18 13:53:34 CET 2005

I've just begun to archive my dvd collection to a mythtv box and have 
run into a problem with playback on one of the files.  All of the 
imports have been successful but one.  The latest movie I ripped takes  
a full 3 mins to load and begin playing.  All my other titles seem to 
play almost instantly.  Also during this 'loading' period the mplayers 
%cpu is at 98+%.  This is an older DVD (1989) , not sure if that has 
anything to do with it.  After it's loaded up the file seems to play 
fine.  It's was ripped/encoded the same way as all the other titles.  
The vob file from the rip loads in a normal time.  It just seems to be 
the avi that is slow loading.  Anyone had an experience similar to this?


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