[MPlayer-users] Error cracking CSS key

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Fri Feb 18 11:09:24 CET 2005

I don't have the DVD expertise to be able to help you with your actual
problem, but:

Rodrigo da Silva Guerra wrote:

>>> guerra at guerra-laptop:~> mplayer -v 3 dvd://
>> -v option has no parameters, drop that '3' and try specifying title
>> number after dvd://. From your quoted output, it seems there are 4
>> titles.
> I put the "-v 3" parameter for specifying the verbose level. In the
> man pages I read:
> [CODE]
> -v, -verbose
>    Increment verbose level (more -v means more verbosity).
>       0    only some informational output (default)

This is equivalent to 'mplayer <filename>'.

>       1    some basic debug infos, avi header, function values (init debug)

Equivalent to 'mplayer -v <filename>'.

>       2    print avi indexes, chunk inputs, more debug infos (player debug)

Equivalent to 'mplayer -v -v <filename>'.

>       3    prints everything related to input parsers (parser debug)

Equivalent to 'mplayer -v -v -v <filename>'.

This is why it says "increment" - the verbosity level starts out at 0,
and every time the command line parser encounters a '-v' option it
increases the verbosity level by one. Does that make any more sense?

       The Wanderer

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